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  • Specially Designed ECD Curriculum to bring out the best from them and develop interest for learning, explore their talents and passion in young age
  • Strategies to develop the mathematical mind and Potential of a child and a plethora of other activities with ample freedom and scaffolding
  • Our Early Childhood Programme that enriches the Physical, Social, Emotional and Intellectual Development of your child.
  • Neuro-scientific research has highlighted that 90 % of the brain development occurs during the first five years of a child’s life. We know that young children learn best in the context of appropriate sensory inputs as well as stable and supportive relationships and interactions.
  • During the early years, the foundations for thinking, language, vision and behavioral attitudes are established. Our learning spaces are thus happy, interactive and developmentally appropriate.

         We, at SISK, believe in the comprehensive development of our students, which foster them with life skills and shape them as humanitarians. Our school not only aims to educate your child, but also helps them to acquire life experiences and interpersonal skills through various academic and non-academic programs.

  • A happy, safe and engaging learning space as we believe that how young children feel and behave is just as important as what they know and think
  • The indoor and outdoor spaces promote active learning and encourage different types of experiences
  • Materials are logically grouped together, labeled, are open ended and available through the day to build autonomy and initiative in children;  
  • Furniture is ergonomic and safe;
  • Classroom spaces are aesthetic, uncluttered and organized;
  • Displays make learning visible.
  • Based on contemporary research and principles of early childhood development, it is developmentally appropriate, integrated, play-led and ensures stimulating experiences across different domains to address the needs of the whole child.
  • Children are exposed to:
  • Challenges and choices in activities to develop resilience and decision making
  • Open ended questions as provocations for thought Chatty interactions with peers and teachers to work with language and relationships; Colors and textures to feel and create with Music and movement to create an outer and inner rhythm Patterns, shapes, numbers and more to develop the mathematical mind and a plethora of other activities with ample freedom and scaffolding to ensure development of child’s potential