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Secondary School (VI -X)

  • Challenges and choices in activities to develop resilience and decision making
  • Education that chisels the personality of the child and helps explore their talents
  • Open ended questions as provocations for thought and hone Interpersonal Skills
  • Chatty interactions with peers and teachers to work with language
  • Music,  Dance, Art and Physical Activities to create an outer and inner rhythm
  • ‘Curriculum Webs’ to ensure every topic is taught in its entirety and is co-related.

Curricular Goals :-
1.    Teaching of Maths through Manipulative. Interventions – orientation, regular mentoring, and record keeping.
2.    Extensive reading through Library Programme in collaboration with language departments
3.    Lesson plan review and 100% class  Observation – Mentoring and review for improvement.
4.    English speaking environment
5.    Maximum utilization of Science lab  – Orientation, Utilization, Record Keeping.
6.    Planning ,monitoring and preparing a track record of grade 8  students in Maths and science subjects in accordance with 10th board status

Co – Curricular Goals for Primary and Secondary Section:-
1.    Introduction of club activities
2.    Inter house competitions ( literary/ cultural),Planning the events with out effecting the academic hours.
3.    Maximum participation in interschool Sports competitions.